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Find Where You Belong


Build Work Environments Where Your Employees Belong


Black Belonging Matters provides top tier, full-scale, carefully curated diversity services  that solve micro and macro issues that affect Black people in the employment arena.  We serve both job seekers and employers. We center Black talent, Black belonging and Black authenticity in the workplace.

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Our Services


Who We Are


We are three Black women of Caribbean descent – an attorney with a background in Human Resources, a diversity equity & inclusion executive, and a psychologist.  We boast a combined 40 plus years of  experience in employee relations, human resources, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, recruiting, and, retaining employees.  We have produced successful results for  global and smaller scale entities alike.


Why Choose Us?

We address racial and cultural diversity by addressing the root cause of racial and cultural homogeneity – anti-Blackness.  If your diversity equity and inclusion programs regarding racial and cultural diversity have fallen short and missed the mark, we are here to help.

Job Seekers

Our job board is not only specialized, it is effective.  Our job board helps  job seekers find careers within organizations that are committed to working toward improving racial equity, and to creating environments where employees experience a true sense of belonging.  Our smaller size allows us to serve you  in ways that larger boards simply cannot.

Our  job board addresses issues that are unique to Black job seekers, including:

    • Black job seekers failing to apply for jobs due to fear of rejection due to race;
    • Black job seekers failing to apply for jobs due to fear of organizational culture as it pertains to issues of race; and,
    • Black job seekers “whitening” their resume


Our job board allows Black talent to put these concerns to the side, and focus on showcasing their accomplishments.

In short, our job board encourages quality Black talent to not only apply for positions, but also, to bring our full, authentic selves to hiring organizations at the start of the hiring process.

All jobs on our site are from employers who are committed to combating racial injustice, inside, and outside of the workplace.

We never copy job postings from other job boards! Instead, all of our job postings are a result of relationships that we build with employers.

In addition to the jobs on our board, recruiters and hiring managers rely on our candidate database to fill open positions, even if they don’t advertise those positions on our board.

Those in the know, know that jobs openings are filled in many ways, including via the use of talent acquisition specialists within organizations  who look for qualified candidates.

If you are a job seeker, we encourage you to browse and apply to the jobs that are posted on our site.  And, we encourage you to post your resume so that employers may find you. 

We compliment our job board by providing complete diversity services to employers.

The end results are environments where Black employees flourish by letting their full, authentic selves shine.

Our job board is free to job seekers.  Search for jobs and upload your resume today!


We are at an unprecedented juncture in history, one that affords us the opportunity to do the necessary work to bring about equity, to heal, to unify, to build, and, to grow.

For organizations, this means addressing issues such as the:


    • 58% of Black employees who have experienced racism in the workplace;
    • 40% of Black employees who feel like outsiders at work;
    • 38% of Black employees who need to compromise their authenticity to fit in to the workplace

To that end, Black Belonging Matters offers the following services:


Job Board – Allows job seekers to easily identify job opportunities within organizations that have shown a commitment to creating spaces where all employees experience a sense of belonging.


Unconscious Bias Training – Led by a psychologist, these racial and cultural sensitivity trainings are custom tailored to each organization to ensure success. 


Diversity Equity & Inclusion – Led by a 20 year DEI global executive, we utilize thoughtful, in depth organizational analyses to craft data driven, impactful, diversity and inclusion strategies.


Race & Cultural Liaison – Complements your internal HR services. This service is led by an attorney and supported by a Master’s level social worker, we provide skilled third-party intermediaries between organizations and employees, so as to encourage open, meaningful, transformational dialogue on issues related to race and culture. 


Addressing the Black experience benefits more than just Black employees.  It is also the starting point of any sincere diversity initiative, because racial and cultural homogeneity in the workforce is rooted in anti-Blackness.


At Black Belonging Matters, our greatest desire is to create work environments where employees can truly experience a sense of belonging.  For that reason, our services are competitively priced to meet the budget of organizations, small and large.


We’d love to connect with you.  Please feel free to use the buttons below to either review our services, or reach out to us directly.


Black Belonging Matters

Some Satisfied Clients

Brittany Smith

Social Media Strategist - Spectrum Science
I loved it! It's something more agencies and companies should incorporate since we spend majority of our day at work. Many people now are learning more than ever on how can to be better of not putting their bias on people, even when they may not notice. It was a great refresher for myself to acknowledge and learning new ways to overcome unconscious bias. Plus, it brought me closer a lot of people in my agency that I haven't even talked too yet because many of us have not met since working from home


Spectrum Science
It was a great training. I had taken an unconscious bias training before so was definitely aware of some of these things, but I still felt like I learned a lot about how to navigate and lessen unconscious bias. In addition, the IAT tests really helped open my eyes to some unconscious biases I didn't necessarily realize I had.

Liza Amling

Social Media Strategist - Spectrum Science
I thought the program was run very well and it was great to get a chance to break out into small groups to get to know my co-workers. I also felt like people were more open to chatting and sharing their experiences in the smaller groups. Overall I felt it was a very beneficial program for me.

Elizabeth Ross

Senior Event Sales Manager - Tao Group
Was very interesting, informative, and brought up points that I had not thought about before! Overall was a great exercise to become more aware of our unconscious bias

Kim Russen

Partner-Tao Group Hospitality
This was one of the best group trainings I have attended in all my (many) years of attending these sort of trainings. You did such a wonderful job keeping the group engaged and there was a perfect balance of both participation and education. While we all know that one session like this will not forever change our thoughts and actions; we are now all so much more aware and we will open up our minds and hearts to do better. So thank you for that! Looking forward to working more with you and your team in the future.


Presenter was great and made learning easy. Feels good to know I work for a company that cares about me and my community.

Brendan McManus

Director of Operations-TAO Group Hospitality
Our organization had a fantastic experience with Tarin and Dr. Norissa of BBM. We employed them for Unconscious Bias Training and they were both a pleasure to work with - highly professional, courteous and patient with our young and still developing Diversity & Inclusion Committee. They both took the time to learn the ins and outs of our organization, adapted their training accordingly, and worked with us on budget. Dr. Williams' training was highly interactive and provoked insightful conversation and plenty of introspective reflection. Everyone from new hires to veterans in our Organization were impressed with BBM's services. A huge THANK YOU to the entire team at BBM - we sincerely hope to work with you again soon and explore your other valuable resources.
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