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Employer Services

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Job Board

Our job board allows jobseekers to  quickly and easily identify career opportunities within organizations that have shown a commitment to creating work environments where employees experience a sense of belonging.

Because all of the jobs on our job board are within organizations that have expressed a commitment to racial equity, the board serves to remove a barrier in the recruitment pipeline. 

Our job board encourages quality Black talent to apply for positions and, to bring their full, authentic selves to hiring organizations at the start of the hiring process.

By posting job offerings on our job board, companies implicitly state that Black lives matter to their organization, and, that they welcome Black lives and Black authenticity. 

It is a powerful stance – one that is sure to not only attract top talent, but also, build employee loyalty, from day one.

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Unconscious Bias Training

Our Unconscious Bias offerings are live, engaging, high quality, virtual, racial and cultural sensitivity training programs that focus on understanding and addressing dynamics as it relates to: race, unconscious bias, implicit bias, and, power and privilege. We are particularly skilled at addressing unconscious bias and implicit bias, as it relates to the Black experience.

Our programs  are successful because we employ evidence based, best practices to our  unconscious bias and implicit bias training programs.

Before embarking on organizational training, our skilled practitioner conducts an in depth analysis of organizational needs and uses findings from that analysis to create a program that is specifically tailored toward that organization.

Participants leave our trainings with tools necessary to prevent oneself from acting on their individual unconscious biases.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Services

For organizations that wish to implement or realign Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

We collaborate with key stakeholders to develop and implement data-driven, impactful DEI  strategies and programs. Through this, we help to create and sustain inclusive work environments where employees thrive, feel like they belong, and, perform at their full potential.

Our primary focus is on recruiting, developing, and retaining Black talent. We have particular expertise in designing and implementing talent management and acquisition programs, mentorship programs (including reverse mentorship programs), sponsorship programs, and, leadership development programs, as it relates to Black talent.

Our strategies not only build employee loyalty, thereby driving innovation and improving bottom lines – they also promote and solidify brand awareness and reputation, especially within the Black community.

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Race & Cultural Liaison/411

Our Cultural Liaison/411 service provides highly skilled third-party intermediaries between organizations and employees, so as to encourage open, meaningful, courageous, transformational dialogue on issues related to race and culture.

With inclusivity as our goal, we serve as a conduit for communication, whereby employees are provided tools necessary to engage in productive conversations  with the proper entities within their organization.

Our approach  not only aids in a sense of belonging, but also increases employee retention.  No longer will an organization learn of critical issues during an exit interview with valuable employees.

More information on the 411 service can be found by visiting our FAQ section and by clicking on the “What is the 411 Program” heading.

This service cannot replace, nor  is  it intended to replace the Human Resources Department. It is limited solely to issues related to race and cultural relations, and is intended to work in tandem with Human Resources and other organizational leaders to bring about a sense of belonging for all.

Our strongest desire is to help employees experience what it feels like to truly belong, and, to help organizations grow, by creating cultures where employees belong. For that reason, our top-tier, exceptional services are competitively priced. We'd love to speak with you about how we can help with your needs.